Medicinal Mushroom

Medicinal Mushroom

Mushrooms have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their medicinal value for thousands of years. After many years of use by TCM doctors and Chinese Herbalists – medicinal mushrooms have in recent times undergone extensive research by western biochemistry and clinical trials which has confirmed the medicinal values of these amazing mushroom. 

In terms of Chinese medicine, mushrooms have been used alongside other Chinese herbs such as Nuts, Seeds, Barks, Stems, Flowers etc. to treat a host of aliments and illnesses from minor to serious. There are many different species of medicinal mushroom with some in particular gaining popularity in recent times, namely mushroom such as Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps And Chaga which are beneficial for many things such as immunity boosting, reducing fatigue, reducing depression, improving heart health, controlling blood sugar levels, protecting brain health, lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, boosting fertility etc. 

The key active nutrients of medicinal mushrooms are known as polysaccharides, these nutrients are responsible for the amazing health benefits of medicinal mushrooms and as such the higher polysaccharides content of the mushroom will dictate the medicinal strength and effectiveness of the product. 

At Dragonstyle Herbs we insist on the absolute best quality and the highest-level polysaccharides, our mushroom capsules are 50% polysaccharides.

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