Shuai Jiao Chinese Wrestling

Shuai Jiao is the Art of Chinese Wrestling (sometimes referred to as Chinese Judo) and is one of the oldest martial arts in the world, with a history dating back over 5000 years.

Shuai Jiao incorporates standing  and grappling, throwing techniques, open-hand techniques to throw, sweeps, locks and takedowns joint manipulations, pressure point manipulation etc. in the modern era Chinese wrestling is a popular competition sport with some very fine athletes, but at its origins it was a battlefield art used to fight off your opponent after you had lost your weapon in battle. Ideally a skilled practitioner of Shuai Jiao will be very strong, supple, fast, well balanced and clever in battle as Chinese wrestling requires a good strategy.

Sifu Kurt is a disciple (indoor student) of Jean Luc Lesueur of France and a member of the Jinbaosheng Shuaijiao lineage.

Kurt’s Sifu Master Jean Luc is one of the most accomplished Chinese Wrestlers in the Western World, Jean is a student of the world renowned Shuai Jiao Master and Champion Master Wang Wenyong of Beijing China.

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