Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland Herb Starter Kit

Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland Herb Starter Kit



1. Fu Ling 32g
2. Bai Zhu 26g
3. Gan Cao 26g
4. Bai Xian Pi 25g
5. Huang Qi 20g
6. Cang Zhu 19g
7. Dang Gui 18g
8. Yi Yi Ren 17g
9. Sheng Di Huang 16g
10. Di Fu Zi 15g
11. Jing Jie 15g
12. Fang Feng 14g
13. Ku Shen 14g
14. Chen Pi 13g
15. Huang Bai 12g
16. Huang Qin 12g
17. Bai Ji Li 11g
18. Dang Shen 10g
19. Ze Xie 10g
20. Lian Qiao 9g
21. Shan Yao 9g
22. Long Dan Cao 20g
23. Huang Lian 9g
24. Fu Zi 6g


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