What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

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Chinese Herbal Medicine is the practice of using plants, such as the leaves, roots, seeds, stems, flowers, barks etc. to treat illness in the body. These herbs can be taking in whole form or prepared into a specific formula to treat an aliment or illness.

At Dragonstyle Herbs we have many unique formulas for treating the widest variety of illness.

For further details on the ingredients and contraindications of our formula please view our on-line herb store.

Chinese Herbs

Raw Form Herb – He Shou Wu

The history of He Shou Wu goes back 1000’s of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine where it is known by a number of different names notably Foti.

When taken daily it can support  anti-aging , support youthful energy and boost the Qi  by stimulating  Liver and Kidney channels.

Dit Dar Jow herbs Mix – Fall & Hit Wine

This particular formula is one of Sifu Kurt Scott’s favourite’s. It is a Fall and Hit Wine which is particularly useful for those who practice martial arts iron skills, likewise it is also useful for the treatment of Arthritis, sports injuries etc.  due to its anti-inflammatory, blood and Qi moving ability and bone, tendon and ligament nourishing ingredients.

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