Rapid Injury Repair Spray

Rapid Injury Repair Spray



Rapid Injury Repair [Contents 100ml]


Rapid Injury Repair Medical Spray is a blend of very potent Chinese medicinal herbs that can address an acute injury.


It can also be used after sports to reduce inflammation and prevent injury.


For chronic type conditions such as Arthritis, you can purchase our Dit Dar Jow medical spray.


All herbs used are imperial grade, dual extracted in store and brewed for a minimum of 6 months.

Made and designed by a qualified and registered Chinese Herbalist in Ireland’s only Chinese Herbal Pharmacy.


Dragonstyle Rapid Injury Repair is brilliant at treating acute injury to ligaments, tendons and muscles. It contains 17 Chinese herbs specifically designed to reduce inflammation, encourage cell repair and relax the nerves. It will allow you to heal up very quickly.

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