Red Palm Medicated Oil 

Red Palm Medicated Oil



Red Palm Medicated Oil [Contents 60ml]

Red Palm Oil is a blend of organic imperial-grade Chinese Herbs and superior-grade essential oils to relieve muscle tightness, sprains and strains,  it is great for Tendon and Ligament injury and pain caused by overuse.


Red Palm Oil is warming in nature so will bring fresh Blood and Qi to the affected area promoting healing. Lack of blood flow and Qi results in blood stagnation which impedes healing the herbs and oils contained in the red palm are designed to move these obstructions and promote fast healing.


It will speed the repair of acute injury to the Tendon, Ligament and Muscle so is great for the sportsperson looking to reduce downtime.


Red Palm is excellent for treating strains and sprains, good on Arthritis and speeding recovery from surgery.


It can be used on the face for Lock-Jaw, Sinus issues, Headaches or Sleeping issues by rubbing a few drops into the Temples, BiTong, YangBai points and jawline. The scent unlike some patent oils is quite pleasant and very soothing so will aid in sleep.


For the gym-goer, the oil can be used pre-training to prime and warm the joints and prevent injury and also used post-training to speed recovery.


Finally, it is a great all-around massage oil to have in the clinic or home first aid kit as it is not too hot but very effective, not too greasy or sticky.

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